Our Products & Services

  • QQ Music Logo - Tencent Music Product

    QQ Music

    Established in 2005, QQ Music is a leading online music service with nationwide popularity that offers a comprehensive music library and a broad range of music-related video content. QQ Music focuses on popular artists and top mainstream hits for younger music fans in China. It provides a platform for both initial and exclusive releases of digital music to promote interactions between fans and artists and to develop a music fan economy centered on best-selling artists.

  • Kugou Music Logo - Tencent Music Product


    Established in 2004, Kugou is a pioneer and leader in the online music entertainment industry enjoying nationwide popularity and a broad user base in China. Kugou is recognized as the preferred destination for users to discover music content trending on the internet through:
    Kugou Music: A leading online music service offering a comprehensive set of entertainment features with a mass-market focus and deep user penetration in China.
    Kugou Live: A music-centric live streaming platform where users can watch live-streamed music performances, concerts and music variety shows in an interactive and engaging setting.

  • Kuwo Music Logo - Tencent Music Product


    Established in 2005, Kuwo offers comprehensive online music entertainment services with a large user base in China:
    Kuwo Music: An online music service focusing on selected genres and segments, such as DJ mixes and children's songs, to cater to users' diverse tastes.
    Kuwo Live: A music-centric live streaming platform where users can watch live-streamed music performances, concerts and music variety shows in an interactive and engaging setting.

  • WeSing Logo - Tencent Music Product


    WeSing is a popular karaoke social community in China. It offers unique social networking features that enable users to express themselves by sharing their singing performances and interacting with friends, singers and other users with similar interests in various online social settings.

  • Ultimate Music - Tencent Music Product

    Ultimate Music

    Ultimate Music is a platform where we provide services to various smart devices and automobile manufacturers, enabling them to develop built-in music players. Focused on bringing music to everything, Ultimate Music aims to create a vibrant B2B music ecosystem.

Our Content

  • Centry Music Library of TME

    Central music library

    We have a comprehensive and diverse central music library with an extensive selection of albums and live music available in both audios and video formats. We have over 30 million tracks licensed from domestic and international music labels, including through master distribution and licensing agreements with music labels, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Emperor Entertainment Group and China Record Group Co., Ltd.

  • Tencent Musician Program Logo - Tencent Music

    Original music

    The Tencent Musician Program is an online service for aspiring artists to upload original music content, which can then be streamed and downloaded by users on our platform. In addition to helping these aspiring artists monetize their content, the Tencent Musician Program provides services such as music publishing, marketing, data management, copyright management and professional training.

  • TME Original Productions

    TME Original Productions

    TME presented the Chinese version of Produce 101 in collaboration with Tencent Video, and presented The Coming One Season 2 in partnership with Tencent Video and Wajijiwa Entertainment; QQ Music produced its own celebrity interview program Meet the Big Star and a visualized radio talk show Hello! Radio; Kugou Music and JSTV co-presented a music variety show Hi, Let's Sing; Kugou Live produced its own online music variety show Kugou Music Liveshow and hosted a large music voting program League of People’s Singers; Kuwo Music partnered with China Youth Daily and China Youth Online to create Books on Radio, the first youth-oriented reading-based audio program in China.

  • Liquid State - Joint Venture EDM Lable Between Tencent Music Entertainment and Sony Music Entertaintmet

    Joint-venture record label

    Liquid State, an electronic dance music (EDM) label, is a joint venture between Tencent Music Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment that brings together the expertise and capabilities of both companies.

Our Technology

  • User-experience Enhancements - TME Technology

    User-experience enhancements

    We offer a variety of sound effects to enhance our users’ listening experience. Our award-winning proprietary audio settings, such as QQ Music Super Sound, Kugou Viper Sound and WeSing Super Voice audio settings, not only bring superior sound quality and best-in-class listening experience to users, but also foster a large, growing online community for them to share user feedback about our sound effects. In addition, we provide various special visual effects and camera filters for users recording videos on our platform. Our proprietary music recognition technology allows our apps to identify songs by listening to a sample of a track. Our technology also makes our products a part of everyday life, such as our QQ Music Running Station that recommends music to match a jogger’s running tempo.

  • Search and Discovery Engines - TME Technology

    Search and discovery engines

    We provide users with a personalized music entertainment experience by leveraging our powerful music search and discovery engines. Our advanced algorithms improve the accuracy and relevance of our search results. In addition, we have developed various user functions including machine-generated playlists and intelligent recommendations of related music content to deliver a highly personalized music discovery experience.

  • Content Monitoring and Copyright Protection - TME Technology

    Content monitoring and copyright protection

    Our technology is also essential in helping our artists and label partners protect their copyright and ensure the integrity of our platform. For example, our video recognition technology enables us to effectively monitor live streaming for content violations and copyright protection purposes. We have also developed an effective copyright infringement monitoring system that is able to identify infringing content displayed on third-party online music entertainment platforms.